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K100% Vinyl Face, Poly/Cotton Backing
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Mildew Resistant & 1,000 Hours Weathermeter

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Ultra Leather Color Chart

Understanding Colors

Colors are Relevant to your Dental Office

When choosing colors for your dental office you are actually "Branding" your dental office in your community. Branding is a term used in the advertising business to indicate comfort and trust of a product, as we are all consumers it is apparent that comfort and trust would follow into a professional dental practice. Trust in the health field is significant and it can be relayed with chairside manners, office staff attitude and appearance of the dental office amenities. We have listed below some basic information regarding colors and what they indicate to the patient. You can research the internet or look to a professional decorator for more assistance in ensuring your practice offer the highest level of comfort and trust to your patients and simple color selections is the simplest way to accomplish this for your staff and patients.

BLUE: Tranquility, Securing, Integrity, Trust, Peace

TURQUOISE: Protection, Healing, Sophisticated, Spirtual

GREEN: New, Environment, Earth

YELLOW: Sunny, Energetic, Bright, Joy, Warm, Happy, Intellect

PURPLE: Nobility, Royalty, Luxury

PINK: Healthy, Feminine, Sweet, Playful, Compassion

RED: Passion, Heat, Danger, Aggression

ORANGE: Confident, Courage, Success, Friendliness

BROWN: Reliability, Seriousness

TAN: Dependable, Crisp, Flexible

WHITE: Innocence, Clean, Goodness, Fresh

GRAY: Reliability, Solid, Security, Intelligence

BLACK: Elegance, Protection, Dramatic, Classy

These emotional descriptions of the colors listed above should be used as a basis for your dental practice, but do note that their are an infinite amount of variations of the basic colors and combinations of these colors can have different effects on patients and staff. Some time on the internet or with a interior decorator that can put this information in the proper prospective.

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